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Foam glass JC/T647

  • Min. Order:1 Square Meter(s)
  • Date of Delivery:15 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, T/T
  • Port:Shanghai
Zhejiang Dehe Insulation Technology Co.,ltd
Zhejiang, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: Foam Glass
Model No.: 2 Place of Origin: China Packing: Carton

Foam Glass JC/T647


Cellular glass is a new inorganic thermal insulating material with a structure of equally closed cells. The composition is glass, added with foaming agent. It’s foamed by high temperature in foaming oven, and then cooled down in cooling oven. It well reserves the chemical stability of inorganic glass. As a result, it has the following features: low density, low thermal conductivity, vapor impermeability, no water absorption, non-combustibility, protection from mould and rat eating, high mechanical strength but easy to cut and able to bear all kinds of chemical erosions except the hydrofluoric acid.


1.Wide working temperature range from low temperature to high temperature;

2.Low thermal conductivity and high compressive strength;

3.Water proof,humid resistant,air tightness;

4.Low thermal expansion,good dimension stability;

5.Not combustible,aging resistant,corrosion resistant;

6.Non-toxic,healthy and environmentally friendly;

7.Bacteria resistant;

Chemical Resistance

Dehe foamglass slab is silica-based and is therefore not designed for hydrofluoric envirenments.


"Foam glass (cellular glass) is applied widely as follows:

1.Chemical Industry: Reaction equipment, chemical pipes, oil pipes, LNG pipes, LPG pipes, tank bottoms and insulation projects, etc.

2.Architecture: refrigeratory, ship-building industry, roof heat-preservation, inside and outside wall heat-preservation, parking lot and insulation of inner layer of chimney, etc.

3.Underground Projects: subways, underground storerooms and tunnels, etc.

4.Others: Military industries, pumice, air-separator pipes, cold liquid tank bottom insulation, etc."

Standard Packing

DEHE foamglass slab can be provide cardboard box form.Volume and numbers are specific to foamglass slab type.


Store in a cool,dry,frost-free place.Normal storage conditions in up to 25℃ should provide indefinite shelf life.The foamglass slab is extremely friable and should not have any weight stacked on top of it.Do not double stack pallets or any other materials on top of it.Take extreme care during handing.

Product size

Normal foamglass slab sizes are:

length: 620mm 

width: 480mm

Thickness: <200mm

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